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One thought on “Ask Cervantes

  1. Hola don Cervantes,

    I have a quick question, or two, for you, if you happen to have the time…

    As a fellow educator myself, I always put forth my best effort to provide my students with the most practical advice and worldly instruction that I am able to muster, however, as time details, sometimes even the most sound advice can be interpreted with angst and hostility. At times, this information is interpreted in such a way by my students, however, 99% of the time it is the parents that are quick to point fingers at the teacher or school, and blame anybody but themselves or their “angelic” child (most frequently when little Johnny doesn’t get an ‘A’ on a test). I say “angelic” because I have come to realize that every parent believes their child to be “special” and unique from “the rest”. So, my fist question for you is this, how might an adolescent educator in the 21st century best approach the self entitled and one-sided accusations of an upset parent that blames their child’s poor study habits and/or low grade on everybody but themselves or their precious child?

    Next order of business, I am currently in a pickle with the administration at my occupation with respect to the offering of a course that is geared towards focusing on the classics of Spanish literature. Given that you yourself are a great aficionado of the classics, you can appreciate my concern here. The issue is that if there is not a minimum of ten students that sign up for the class, it will be dropped all together. There are currently 5 or so students that are sincerely excited by the idea of taking the class and learning more about the classics, but I fear that there aren’t enough students that meet the minimum number requirement and then everyone will miss out on a truly wonderful learning opportunity. What does the world renown knight errant don Quijote suggest I do to remedy the situation? How do I convence my superiors that the students that are expressing interest in the class should be enough of a reason to carry through with offering the course?

    I would like to extend a warm thank you for your time and patience with my questions, I look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Tahoe Marauder


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