What’s in a Name?

For a while I’ve been working on a little personal project about the naming of places. It is based super loosely on my reading of Wisdom Sits in Places, I say loosely because this is just my thing. A mental construct. A “what if?” that starts with the question, “Why do we accept the names of places as they are?” They are entirely malleable, are the creation of a description that is lost on the foam extending wind-carried well beyond the wave that is the expansion of time and space in the galaxy. An atom or less, the flimsiest piece of gossamer floating out to disappear into the future. What if I make the planet into a place that carries the meaning of my life? I don’t know the answer to that question, but it seems an interesting one. So here are just a bit deeper explanations of some of my more recent #mymindmapping and #namesofmyplaces.

This place is at what I consider the Center of my existence. Wilson Place, out on the desert below the ranch. One of the original home sites out in this valley that is home, well, just really home, a home that encompasses hundreds of miles. So it’s a place I always picture myself to be, even when I’m not. In a real sense. I can close my eyes and be there. 

Meadow Appears because we spent a couple of really beautiful years living down south of here, where Casper was born and we roamed the hills all together. And riding my bike north to work, here is where all the meadow that is now a city came into view and the world separated into the present and a future. 

Thanks so much for reading this year! This will be the last one most likely of the year. I’m really happy to be writing again and sharing and I hope anyone out there reading enjoys any little bit of this. Peace and love and here’s to 2017!!!

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