A Day in the Humboldts

A little hidden window rock
On Sunday, Renee and I set out to climb Star Peak, the highest point in the Humboldt Mountain Range and an “ultra-prominence” peak, with more than 5,000 feet of prominence (don’t ask me to explain exactly what that is, but more or less–I think–the distance from bottom to top with no intervening peaks). Either way it’s been one we’ve been wanting to explore for a while and so were very excited to check it out. We approached from the east side of the range via Star Canyon. First off, it is just such a treat to see a green spring in Nevada; secondly, the bottom of the canyon was gorgeously in bloom adorning  the crags of what was once a major silver mining area turned ghost town in the space of about 5 years.

“Downtown” Star City
We climbed up along the remains of Star City and past what seemed to be innumerable tailings piles from what I imagine must have been the Sbeba mine.


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