Ask Cervantes

Dear Cervantes, I just have to say you are a hero of mine, having written about he who so bravely battled the mighty windmills. I am curious, what are your thoughts now on alternative energy sources, especially regarding wind power and windmills? Thank you, A concerned Avis Dear A concerned Avis, You’ll remember him You … More Ask Cervantes

Read Land, Write Walk: Northern Virginia Range, Nevada

Walking in the foothills east of Reno recently, I thought about what my first write-walk should be after the end of NaNoWriMo. Sometime last year I wrote a post about a day out that Renee and I shared in Reno on our bikes. It was, among other things, National Indie Bookstore Day, so our day … More Read Land, Write Walk: Northern Virginia Range, Nevada

Learn-Grow on Drawing

The idea that I should share what I learn rather than what I know (or think I know) has become a guiding principle in my approach to the world lately. It came to me through this blog; I decided that the goal for my posts should be writing about something that interests me, or that I have done, but … More Learn-Grow on Drawing