Ask Cervantes: New Venture

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Dear Cervantes,

I’ve just launched a new venture, what’s your prognosis?

Hoping for the Best

Dear Hoping for the Best,

“I expected nothing less than this from your great magnificence, dear sir,” Don Quijote responded, “and for this, I’m letting you know that I’ve asked, and you’ve answered, and tomorrow I’ll be named a great knight, and tonight I’m gonna hang out in the chapel and get ready and tomorrow, like I said, all that I want will happen, so it can be, as it should, that I go to the four corners of the world searching adventures, helping the helpless, as should be the case for wandering knights—as I am—to all of whom are inclined heroic deeds.”*

Cervantes, Don Quijote, chapter 3

*My loosy goosy translation, not worthy of literary scrutiny surely, nor much else.